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Simplifying Your Digital Life
By Leo Babauta It’s a simple fact of our modern lives that we live, play,…   →   Source: Zen Habits
What Does Your Birthday Say About Your Character?
Numerology is a well known divinatory art, that considers there is a mystical relationship between…   →   Source: Steven Aitchison
4 Simple Techniques to Erase Subconscious Negativity
“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and…   →   Source: Tiny Buddha
5 Strategies to Get Over the Fears Holding You Back
You’re reading 5 Strategies to Get Over the Fears Holding You Back, originally posted on…   →   Source: Pick The Brain
What Are You Missing Out on Your Life?
I sure have spent a lot of time worrying that I didn’t have enough time…   →   Source: Steven Aitchison
What Most People Are Afraid Of
“It is not death most people are afraid of. It is getting to the end…   →   Source: Purpose Fairy
Which Chakra Are You Most Connected To?
The seven chakras are the centers in our body in which energy flows through. Every…   →   Source: Steven Aitchison
How To Build a Network for Positive Relationships
You’re reading How To Build a Network for Positive Relationships, originally posted on Pick the…   →   Source: Pick The Brain
7 Things You Need to Know to Live Your Best Life and Make a Better World
You know those “moments of truths”? When what you hear, or come to realize, turns…   →   Source: Tiny Buddha
Zen Productivity: A Workshop to Help You Find Focus, Mindfulness & Organization
By Leo Babauta I’m really excited to start working live with all of you in…   →   Source: Zen Habits
Moments: The Most Precious Thing We Have in Life
“Life, ladies and gentleman, is all about moments. No one in history has ever been…   →   Source: Purpose Fairy
Get Your Big Rocks In First
(Image: ALP) Have you heard of the big rocks story? It goes like this: One…   →   Source: Personal Excellence
What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?
This past weekend, I had friends over for a scary movie night. We screamed, jumped…   →   Source: Marie Forleo
How To Navigate the Ebbs and Flows of Life
“The sea ebbs and flows, but the rock remains unmoved.” ~ Robert Murray M’Cheyne It…   →   Source: Purpose Fairy
How Rare Is Your Personality?
Everyone of us is unique in his/her own way, but at the same time we…   →   Source: Steven Aitchison
 11 Ways to Build Trust with Your Body Language
You’re reading  11 Ways to Build Trust with Your Body Language, originally posted on Pick…   →   Source: Pick The Brain
20 Things to Remember When You Feel Anxious
Your heart races. Your body temperature rises. Your hands may shake. Your stomach may churn.…   →   Source: Tiny Buddha
How to Deal with People Who Guilt Trip You
Do you have anyone in your life right now who tries to manipulate you into…   →   Source: Steven Aitchison

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